The Future Of Technology


Calum Armstrong

The evolution of technology has dramatically changed the way in which we live our lives and will continue to do so for years to come. We at Vivolution embrace the changes that technology brings to the world as it can revolutionise industries, such as healthcare, and make positive changes to the economy and to society. We have a passion for technology and business ventures that can fully utilise emerging technology to make an impact in the financial services, healthcare and digital space which is demonstrated through VivoTech.


The rapid development of new technologies, such as AI and robots, are improving the speed, quality and cost of goods. The progression of big data and AI is invaluable to businesses as they can gather much more information regarding their industry and consumers to devise marketing plans to ensure this is capitalised on. Analysis that can be carried out on this intelligence will allow for businesses to be more productive and effective in their practices as they can gather a much deeper knowledge surrounding aspects of their market.

Due to the influence of technology businesses of all sizes will be forced to modify the way they operate as those who ignore the advancements of technology will just be left behind by organisations who choose to digitally transform. The digital transformation in business aims to enhance the consumer experience as virtual realities are able to help consumers gain an enriched experience of a product or service. This added value can reduce the risk of uncertainty within consumers and boost the overall brand preference which encourages positive word of mouth.

The companies who are benefiting most from new technologies, such as AI, are the ones who are redirecting their entire strategies to comply with the technology. By incorporating advanced analytics companies are able to capitalise on the current and future benefits.

However, this emerging technology is displacing a high number of workers which is a cause for concern as the technology is more productive than humans and has a smaller margin of error thus causing further potential unemployment problems.

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