How Can Technology Help You To Achieve The Perfect Work-Life Balance?


Orla Nimmo

Creating the ideal work-life balance is something that many people struggle with, however technology can be used to help you strike your perfect balance.

Organise and prioritise

Organising and prioritising your tasks enable you to improve the efficiency of your day. Technologies that use the cloud enable information to be instantly available across multiple devices to enable you can plan with all the required information at all times. In addition, team planning tools can be shared and updated in real-time to ensure a project runs smoothly.

Work remotely

Due to the impact of COVID-19 remote working technologies such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams have allowed millions of people to work flexibility. This means that you have the option to prioritise events in your personal life and work around them. Professional instant messaging tools such as Slack enable connectivity throughout the traditional working hours so that you do not need to be in the same physical space all day.

Work your optimum hours

With all the advantages that remote working brings, it also means that working is always accessible. This can result in longer working hours for some individuals; to combat this project management software can be used to set rest periods and enforce an end of the day at specific times.

Increase your productivity

Being more productive during your working hours allows you to maximise your personal time whilst succeeding professionally. There are a multitude of tools to increase productivity in the workplace from recording how much time is spent on specific sites to blocking the use of set sites at different times of the day.

Focus on wellness

It has been reported that productive individuals are often the ones which prioritise their wellbeing. Technology can enable everyone to improve their own mental health through a variety of different channels, from accessing wellness groups to gain support to unwinding using applications such as Headspace.

Rest in your time off

Technology can enable you to make the most of your personal time through reducing your time spent performing menial tasks or household chores. Recent advances in smart technologies such as smart vacuum cleaner Roomba mean that you can minimise time spent working in your free time.

If used correctly technology can be a real asset to help you to achieve your optimum work life balance.

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